Other services

Other Services:

We offer onsite AC/DC Motor Fault Diagnostic Services using Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) and Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA).

Energized AC/DC Motor Testing (ESA):

Test the condition of the AC/DC motor online without disturbing its operation. Electrical Signature Analysis is the most advanced technology available today for the plant engineers to detect various electrical & mechanical faults in a motor system including incoming power, whole motor circuit and load related issues.

Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) is an energized test method where voltage and current waveforms are captured while the motor system is running and then, via a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), a spectral analysis is done by the provided software. From this FFT, faults related to incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load are detected and can then be trended for Condition Based Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance purposes.

With the help of Electrical Signature Analysis, we can detect many Electrical & Mechanical issues such as:

  • – Incoming Power
  • – Motor Electrical & Mechanical (Stator, rotor, air gap, bearing, alignment, loose foundation and many more)
  • – Coupling/Power Transmission/Driven load


De-energized Motor AC/DC Motor Testing (Offline):

Test the new or recently serviced motors from the vendor before installation or check the condition of the installed motor at the plant in de-energized mode:

In the de-energized mode we can test the motor to detect:

  • Turn faults
  • Coil Faults
  • Ground faults
  • Cable faults
  • Connection Resistance
  • Rotor Eccentricity
  • Broken Rotor Bars
  • Casting Voids

Detailed report will be submitted upon completion of the job.