Training & Seminar

Training & Seminar

Motor Fault Diagnostics Seminar & Workshop

PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES L.L.C.. together with ALL-TEST PRO, USA regularly conduct Electric Motor trouble shooting & Diagnostic Seminar & workshop in the region

The Benefits of Attending Motor Diagnostics Training

Attendees will learn how to implement on-line and off-line motor testing to extend the life of the motors and other electrical equipment. The workshop introduces the latest technology for both testing methods. After participating in the seminar personnel will leave with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement the cost savings techniques of motor diagnostics into any Predictive Maintenance Program

Topics Covered:

Electric Motor Theory as applied to Motor Diagnostics
Types of Motor Faults: Causes and Symptoms
Test and Evaluation Theory and Application
Evaluating Wound Machines (Static and Dynamic)
Motor Diagnostics and Energy Software
Step-by-Step Troubleshooting, Reliability and Root Cause
Incorporating Motor Diagnostics into and Existing Program
How to Identify & Prevent Dynamic Motor Mechanical Faults
Understanding and Implementing Electrical Signature Analysis (On-line Testing)
Hands On – Testing Local & Remote Testing Using the ESA

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